The Thinking

Just as a thousand mice don’t make an elephant, replicating small solutions won’t solve a large problem at scale. For things to work at scale, they need to be designed such that problems get solved exponentially – not because of one idea or one ideator, but because it’s easy for diverse actors to come together to solve.

Societal Thinking can help design such systems.

Our Core Values

Restore Agency

Create an enabling environment that nurtures the freedom of choice for all individuals and organisations.

Catalyse Interactions

Facilitate proactive participation, value exchange and co-creation between state, civil society, and markets.

Build Public Goods

Make all scarce assets such as knowledge, processes, data, and technology open and available to all.

Open Value Creation

Empower every actor to freely create and / or share solutions that create value in response to societal needs.

Empower with Data

Help stakeholders use data to generate value for themselves, strengthen existing solutions, and discover new ideas.