social problems grow exponentially

so can their solutions

Social problems are large, complex and dynamic. Traditional ways of solving cannot keep up with the pace at which these problems grow and mutate. We believe digital technology, if designed well, can unlock exponential solving — where one small shift sparks a cycle of regenerative change.

Societal Thinking is a way to reimagine and realise exponential change.

Exponential ~


Societal Thinking is a set of values, frameworks and principles, developed through  many Do-Think-Do cycles of building Societal Platforms, with change leaders around the globe. 

At the heart of Societal Thinking is the belief that large social problems cannot be solved by growing one solution manifold but by helping many people to solve the diverse problems they face, with –

  • Agency
  • Dignity
  • Choice
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Who We Are

We are an emerging community of change leaders, thinkers, mentors, funders, and enablers who share an audacious vision: create exponential and sustainable social change.
We help change leaders around the world, reimagine, and solve social problems in ways that can deliver impact at scale.

Meet the Ecosystem
Who We Are SocietalPlatform


Societal Thinking helps change leaders explore different pathways to induce exponential change – by looking at the problems through different Frames, by designing Platforms for scale, by leveraging Exponents to build faster and better. Societal Thinking can be used by anyone at any stage in their journey to build better, solve better.

Our knowledge is accessible and open – to use and build upon. 


We deeply focus on 5 domains, which are