We travel the exponential change journey with you

We work alongside change leaders to enable impact at scale. During this sometimes smooth, sometimes choppy journey, we learn to view the problem at scale, reimagine how to trigger a domino effect and help design for scale.

We’ve engaged with more than 500 global change leaders in more than 20 countries. We work closely with change leaders as well as through Partners such as Ashoka, Co-Impact and Catalyst 2030. 

We are a member of the Centre for Exponential Change (C4EC) – a global network of diverse actors committed to solving social problems faster than they grow. C4EC is collaborative co-funded by Nilekani Philanthropies

Create change that inspires more and rapid change with Societal Thinking

Social change becomes exponential when it induces a domino effect of more and rapid changes towards building a better society.

Societal Thinking is systemic approach that has been developed through many “Do-Think-Do” cycles with change leaders  across the globe. The “Do” cycles involved co-exploring, designing and  building missions that create impact at population scale and the “Think”  cycles helped distil the learning into a set of core values, design principles  and frameworks that are open for everyone to use and build upon. 

At the heart of Societal Thinking is the belief that fast-mutating social problems cannot be solved by replicating one solution but by distributing the ability to solve.
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At the heart of Societal Thinking is the belief that fast-mutating social problems cannot be solved by replicating one solution but by distributing the ability to solve.
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Our Team

Change leaders

Anjali loves to read and tell stories (especially about women, climate and Transformative Justice), eat oranges in the sun and write long sentences. She is the Lead Evangelist at Societal Thinking.

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Anjali Hans

Lead – Evangelist

Aruna moved to Societal Thinking after a long career in India and the US. She is an adjunct professor at The New School, NY.  She heads the Leader's Lab and the ‘Livelihoods’. Outside of work, you will find her writing and editing contemporary Tamil literature and media scripts.

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Aruna Venkatachalam

Chief – Leader’s Lab

Ashcharya is a storyteller and problem solver. She is a filmmaker at heart, speaks 7+ languages, runs her art studio and off-roads on vacations!  She is Lead Leader's Lab' and contributes to the 'Education' vertical. Pick her brain on stories, psychology and films over a cup of coffee.

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Ashcharya Prabhu

Lead – Leader’s Lab

Jerald transitioned from 11 years in corporate HR to nonprofit HR operations, showcasing adaptability and a desire for impact. Outside work, he's a passionate drummer and occasional football player. Sociable and easygoing, he quickly forms connections.

Jerald Vinod

Head - Operations

Mukesh is a mentor for various NGOs, a venture Partner at Capria Ventures, the co-founder of Scital, Akeso Healthcare and is passionate about public health and climate action.

KL Mukesh


Mimon has a long career as a Knowledge Manager with premier IT companies and studied at a reputable educational institution. She works on knowledge Management systems and processes at Societal Thinking. She values Integrity and believes in ‘Respect for all’.

Mimon Datta

Lead – Knowledge and Design

Naveen Varshan works with the public and private sectors to design strategies, frameworks and models for scale and transformation. He also has experience in digital innovation, growth marketing, and sustainability. He has an MPA from Columbia University.

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Naveen Varshan


Preeti wears several hats – a professional dancer, a civic evangelist, an educationist and entrepreneur. She leads the ‘Education’ domain. She loves the outdoors, scuba diving, the sea, a good hearty laugh and her laugh is often the loudest in the room.

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Preeti Sunderajan

Chief Partnerships

Priya is a social sector convert from a long career in tech. She heads storytelling, publishing, events, as well as, 'Equity'. She is an avid board gamer and picks up a new thing to learn every year. Even if she doesn't succeed, she remains curious. Hence the moniker Curious-cat.

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Priya Ajmera

Chief Evangelist

Raja Rajeshwari Chandrasekharan


Rishika is a Jane of many trades. Applied behaviour therapist, aspiring children's book author, risk analyst to mental health advocate, learner-in-progress climate activist and skateboarder. She is the Lead Content at Societal Thinking.

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Rishika Gopinath

Lead – Content

Sanjay has always been a curator, he enjoys connecting the dots. He is a student, loves to read 100 books every year. Now he is learning to write, and is excited about his “Think" books.

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Sanjay Purohit

Chief Curator

Siddhartha Menon

Head, Marketing

If you want change, be MAD – Make A Difference' is a belief that drives Sreekar to leverage his experience in sales and marketing to build narratives and tell powerful stories on social media. He loves experimenting, and challenging the status quo.

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Sreekar Gangisetty

Lead – Digital Evangelist

Sumitha supports the team with travel, administration and facility management. She has over 18 years of experience and is always willing to learn new things.

Sumitha Sureh

Executive Assistant

Varsha took a plunge into the social sector after 30+ years of global experience in the IT services sector. She is a Chief of Knowledge and Design and leads the 'Health' domain. She enjoys all forms of fine art, especially sketching and painting. She loves to  experiment with culinary arts.

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Varsha Verma

Chief – Knowledge and Design

Our Advisors

We believe in creating shared value, building upon and beyond, embracing diversity and working towards a shared vision. We have an array of co-creators who apply, refine and help evolve Societal Thinking.

Gautam John

Rohini Nilekani Philanthropies Foundation

Jennifer Stout

Deputy Director, Philanthropic Partnerships
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Nandan Nilekani

Co-founder and Non-Executive Chairman
Infosys Technologies

Olivia Leland

Founder and CEO

Patrick Barwise

Emeritus Professor of Management and Marketing
London Business School

Dr. Pramod Varma

Co-founder, FIDE
CTO, EkStep Foundation

Rohini Nilekani

Rohini Nilekani Philanthropies Foundation

Shankar Maruwada

Co-founder and CEO
EkStep Foundation