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Serendipity! That’s what I would call the opportunity I got to join and contribute to UNLEASH 2022, hosted in the beautiful city of Mysore, India. At Societal Thinking, we’ve been exploring how we can engage deeply with young change leaders across the globe in a meaningful way. And UNLEASH knocked on our door. Serendipity, it is!

UNLEASH was a meetup like no other I have attended. It brought together some of the world’s most ambitious young change leaders and entrepreneurs to share their ideas, collaborate and inspire one another to take action. I had the opportunity to participate as an expert and engage with teams working around SDG-4 (Quality Education) & SDG-13 (Climate Action).

UNLEASH 22: Diversity

What stood out to me most about UNLEASH was the diversity of the attendees. 1,000 youngsters from over 100 countries, together in the same place to work towards a common goal for the world! I felt at once roused and humbled to witness the potential of young people in transforming the world.

Another unique aspect of UNLEASH was its focus on solving real-world challenges. One had the agency to choose the problem we want to solve. This wasn’t limited to theoretical exercises but are initiatives that impact communities outside the room as participants continue and expand their efforts.

Even though I could only participate for a few days, I could already sense a feeling of belongingness towards this community in every UNLEASHer. I am confident that the relationships I have formed at UNLEASH will last a lifetime. UNLEASH is a young change leader’s paradise, a safe space where they can connect, collaborate and sow the seeds for large-scale impact.

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