Social innovators across the globe are using Societal Thinking to reimagine how to:

Solve problems more efficiently

Rethink what will work at scale

Redesign the coming together of diverse actors

Redefine the empowerment of communities

Societal Frames

To solve a daunting problem, we may need to shift our reference point. Shifting the frame can help us see these problems differently – from a new vantage point, angle or from the eyes of a new person. Societal Frames help us look at the problem from all possible lenses.

Societal Platforms

In the digital age, it is possible to create change faster than ever. Societal Platforms leverage shared infrastructure to bring together actors across civil society, markets and government to create impact@scale, with
speed, sustainably.

Open Networks

Connect an infinite number of users – allowing them to interact in ways that serve them best. Open networks do not have a central intermediary but are decentralised.

Open Exponents

Reusable building blocks that, when reassembled, can solve a completely new problem in a completely new context and at a low cost and higher speed than building a new solution.