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We launched the first edition of Societal Muse in February 2023. Since then, it has travelled far and wide, reaching change leaders, funders and thinkers across the globe. We have heard from many of you – some of you liked the playfulness of the characters, some of you the inspiring ideas highlighted in the stories and some of you found an Aha! moment in the way the Societal Arch completed the illustrations.

Some wonderful testimonials of Societal Muse came from authors who shared it with their funders, and change leaders who wanted to use Societal Muse-like illustrations in their own work. But, the best testimonial of all came from children who loved flipping through the book and playing with the story sliders on the website!

Words of Appreciation

“Here is a great magazine created by Societal Thinking featuring a number of case studies on how social innovators solved difficult challenges. These days it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the many challenges in the world, but these stories show there are simple and powerful ways to make a difference for millions of people.”
Darlene Damm, Faculty Chair and Vice President of Impact & Community, Singularity Group

“Creative design! Feeling joyful while reading aloud each word. Thanks for curating and sharing such an artful way.”
Ashwani Tiwari, Co-Founder, Vidhyalay Udhya

“Wonderful idea and execution – it has come out very well, hats off to the team.”
Karthik Dhar, CTO, Project ECHO

“Not only did I loved the unique design my daughter picked it up as soon as I kept it down and read through many stories! I’d say it hit the brief!!”
Murugan Vasudevan, CEO, Veddis Foundation

“Thank you for the copy of the Societal Muse – enjoyed reading it, and love the digital/physical combo on pages!”
Niranjan Bose, Managing Director, Health and Life Sciences at Gates Foundation

“Muse is soooo exciting! Congrats!!!!”
Olivia Leland, Founder and CEO of Co-Impact

“I love the design! The focus on public goods stands out!”
Trebor Scholz, Director, Institute for the Cooperative Digital Economy at The New School

“Fabulous weekend reading starting with #SocietalMuse – a magnificent hard copy but freely available as a download from – how to dream big to achieve big #change by starting small. In the wise words of Sanjay Purohit , Curator at, an incredibly generous & visionary world builder: « Ideas are like children. » They need nurturing, space to learn, develop and mentoring! If you are a #purposedriven leader, this online magazine contains 7 stories by incredible people who are quietly getting on with effecting exponential change and an invitation to each of you reading this post to link arms and heed the call to dream and to dare!”
– Annalie Killian, Vice President Strategic Partnerships, sparks & honey

Thanks for launching and sharing your magazine! This is terrific.
Dr Arun Majumdar, Inaugural Dean, Stanford Doerr College of Sustainability

I just received a copy of the book. It looks amazing! Very creative format with the cartoons and see-through overlays.
– Eric Nee, Editor in chief, Stanford Social Innovation Review

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Priya Ajmera

Chief Evangelist, Societal Platform